27 - 30 August, 2018

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AI 2020: The global state of intelligent enterprise

What does the intelligent enterprise of the future look like? Which sectors are set to benefit most from artificial intelligence? And why are the perceived challenges so numerous and diverse?Read AiiA.net's complimentary report to find out how you can disrupt instead of being disrupted.

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The Business of Artificial Intelligence

What it can - and cannot - do for your organization

Beijing sets ambitious goal to lead in AI by 2030

China has laid out a development plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030, aiming to surpass its rivals technologically and build a domestic industry worth almost US$150 billion (S$204 billion)....

Study: Artificial Intelligence, Analytics Accelerate Digital Workplace Transformation

New research which examined how organizations are evolving from a traditional office environment to a digital workplace reveals that gaining competitive advantage and improving business process are among the top goals of their digital transformation strategy....

Does HR need more (artificial) intelligence?

2017 has seen a marked increase in discussions and debates on the effect of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation in the workplace. Setting aside debate about whether automation will result in job losses, AI and machine learning present numerous opportunities for the human resources sector, particularly in large...

AstraZeneca taps AI for drug discovery in deal with Berg

AstraZeneca has forged a research collaboration with Boston-based Berg, a specialist in artificial intelligence for drug hunting, in the latest sign of big pharma's interest in using supercomputers for drug discovery.

The state of AI adoption and development in Asia

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as the latest game changer for businesses. With all the global tech giants, including Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, making headway into bringing the technology into reality, Asia AI expert Dion Wiggins said the region is just as active, if not as vocal, in bringing...

Four Trends in Artificial Intelligence That Affect Enterprises

We all have seen the headlines: "Google's AlphaGo defeats world-class Chinese “Go” player"; "IBM's Watson is tackling healthcare with artificial intelligence"; and so on. Artificial intelligence (AI), which is essentially a set of tools and programs that make software ’smarter’ in a way an outside observer thinks the output is...

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Avoiding a Volkswagen-style scandal in Artificial Intelligence

The AI market is still in its infancy especially in the Asian region, and concerns loom large. What are the benchmarks and regulations the players in the market need to be aware of? How much data is enough? What happens if a Volkswagen-style scandal happens in the world of AI?...

Market Report 2017: Global Intelligent Automation

Technology continues to drive the organizational change agenda, but now it’s about making operations smarter and autonomous, defined primarily by the shift from humans consuming data, to machines consuming data and executing on a process. Farsighted companies are already recognizing the convergence of digital, robotics process automation, analytics, machine learning...

Intelligent Automation Adoption in Asia Business Services 2017

This data tool provides a snapshot of Intelligent Automation (IA) adoption based on 390 recorded cases of IA pilots and implementations in Asia as listed in the Intelligent Automation Universe (IAU).Developed by SSON Analytics, this interactive data tool contains real-time data on the global IA landscape for business services, gathered...

What does AI mean for businesses today? Finding your feet in the new revolution

The world has changed since then and so too have our perceptions about artificial intelligence. Successful implementation of AI means establishing a strategy where both humans and machines work side by side.In this article, we take a look at how AI can be a benefit to a business.

The Asian AI Awakening

AI is here to stay.  In this article, we discussed three key issues:PoliticalEconomicalSocial 

Inspiring leaders from Google, IBM and McDonals discuss the impact of AI and RPA

Investment in Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow by 300% in 2017 alone - as reported by PwC and Forrester respectively. Yet, the questions remain - how are these technologies being leverage and what endless possibilities will they provide? In this article, three of the world's biggest brands discuss their experiences...

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