James Hewitt

Strategy Leader Watson Talent, Asia
IBM Watson Talent

Announced in October 2016 and launched earlier this year, IBM’s Watson Talent is the only cognitive platform built for talent. As the Strategy Leader for IBM Watson Talent, James is tasked with building the IBM Watson Talent ecosystem through strategic alliances and business partnerships.


Since starting out in the tech industry in 2000, James has undertaken a number of leadership roles, launched 3 business in Asia-Pacific and most recently lead the Asia-Pacific HR Technology Practice at Willis Towers Watson. Since arriving in Asia-Pacific in 2008, James has managed multi-disciplinary regional teams, and has served hundreds of clients across a range of industries. James is a Permanent Resident of Singapore and holds a BSc Dual Honours from University of Manchester.

9:50 AM Panel Discussion | How to: Attain employee buy-in and manage change resistance for enterprise-wide adoption of AI

  • Recognising how AI will transform the workforce, and how your organisation can harness it to enhance performance and improve productivity 
  • Communicating the true objectives and value of AI, and alleviating associated concerns to encourage employee adoption of AI
  • Transforming your business model to one where integration between “Humans and Technology” flourishes
  • Training employees to work better with AI applications

11:10 AM How to: Effectively embrace AI – “What got you Here, Won't Get You There”

AI and RPA will accelerate digitisation. Organisations that adapt and adopt most effectively will be the winners of this digital age. But what do you need to survive in this new world? In this presentation we'll share some recent IBM internal research and discover:
  • What are the characteristics of a High-Performing Digital Leader?
  • Leveraging cognitive tools to drive a digital People transformation
  • Managing Man and Machine – how do you give a robot a performance review? 

1:00 PM Workshop B | Your future workforce is man AND machine. Learn how to lead them.

In this interactive exercise, get ready to discuss:
  • The competencies required for Leaders to succeed in a digital world
  • How shifting to an agile mindset accelerates digital adoption and how collaboration, co-creation and a digital footprint are critical in driving the digital agenda
Learning Objectives
  • Think Different: Influence your business to embrace technology and AI
  • Act Different: Leverage AI/RPA to digitise your organisation
  • Be Different: Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and agility